Wednesday, 4 June 2014

D-Day Landings

This Friday marks 70 years since the D-day landings, so I thought I would take this on board as our theme for today, as Friday the AJ's are with Granny and Grandad.  For Christmas from Santa, Arthur received a set of little toy soldiers, which were perfect for today.  Using these and a brown and blue board, I set up a D-day landing small world play. 

Alyssa had great fun mimicking Arthur's movements with the toys and making the same sound effects as him.  They are far to young to go into the ins and outs of the event, so I basically said the set on land were baddies who did naughty things and the people in the water storming the beach, were goodies. 

Whilst they were playing and doing their own little version of events, I put some wartime music on such as Glen Miller and Vera Lynn (however Arthur preferred Glen Miller!) I also found an air raid siren and got them to sit under the table whilst it played, telling them that I told people when to hide and stay safe.  I then made the AJ's a good old corned beef sandwich for lunch, Alyssa did not like it at all and immediately spat it out.  We then made little toy parachutes using old hankies that I use for dusting now, I tied one around a Monkey for Alyssa and one around one of Arthur's knights.  They had great fun thowing them around over and over and watching the chutes fill up with air.

Playing together


"Their coming!!"

Toy parachute

Parachuting knight!

Making monkey fly!
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