Thursday, 26 June 2014

'Arthur' the Scarecrow!

Every year the village holds a Scarecrow competition, and weird and wonderful creations pop up all over the village, so this year I decided we would take part for the first time with the help of the  AJ's.
They are usually open to any idea, but to celebrate the Centenary of the First World War this year they are asking for a scarecrow along that theme. 

I decided the easiest thing to do is create a small scarecrow, so I thought the idea of an evacuee would be a good one, esp as I happened to have some small brown clothes and a suitcase easy to hand.  So once they returned from nursery, we started recycling all the shredded paper that we keep for the fire, and stuffing it into carrier bags for waterproofing, before stuffing these inside the clothes.  Alyssa wasn't really interested in helping, but was interested in throwing the paper all over the room!!  We then turned a small old t-shirt of Alyssa's inside out, and used some fabric pens to draw a face, before using some brown wool on the top to create hair. 

Arthur loved 'Arthur' and kept trying to make him dance and play with him, and talking to him, and was very excited to see him put up outside.  I used two bits of wood to create a cross shape and attached ' this to him before hammering it into the ground, then it was time for Arthur to see him all finished and in place, and he was very happy, now to see what the other villagers come up with!

Stuffed body!

Preparing more stuffing!

"He's got legs" (Rubbish ZZ top ref sorry!)

Trying on 'Arthur's' hair

The two Arthur's

Final adustments waterproofed and added!

Wish us luck in the competition!!!! :D

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