Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Frontroom Festival!!!

So it's festival season here, with Glastonbury just finished, and highlights all over the television, so I decided to give the AJ's a mini taste of festival fun. I put the pop up play tents into the front room, and Arthur's camping chair, put the highlights on the telly, and set up our little bubble machine.  I dressed the AJ's in some festival style clothes, mainly shorts, t-shirts and wellies, adding some funky flower lays and some face paints from the dress up box, and then let the music and bubbles flow.

It was great fun chasing the bubbles around and watching Arthur practice his dance moves and awesome air guitar to the music, they also both enjoyed waving hello and goodbye and going back and forth to the tent.  Soon though the bubbles ran dry, the music ended and Alyssa grew tired.  Whilst she was napping in bed I let Arthur outside to experience the other thing festivals are famous for, especially Glastonbury....MUD!!!

We don't really have a proper mud patch for him to play in, so I used some oil cloth, sprayed it with water and put some mud on it, then let Arthur go wild, stamping, squelching squerching.  Whilst using some of these words he sudeenly said "we're going on a bear hunt!" It's amazing how literature can just creep in anywhere.  Once he had finished playing, he decided he wanted to clean the mat, which he thoroughly enjoyed as well as soaking mummy at the same time!  Good job it was a freezing cold day.

Playing with the tents!

Festival outfit!

Dancing in the bubbles!!

Getting stuck in!

A bit muddy!

Cleaning up!

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