Wednesday, 21 May 2014

River fishing!

Today was a lovely sunny day, and after spending the last few inside more than out thanks to earaches and bad coughs and a strange simultaneous vomiting occurrence, how they both ended up being sick at the same time (whilst in separate rooms!!!) I will never know,  so it was finally time to head out doors for some much needed fresh air.

I wanted to take the children to somewhere with a river so we could paddle and fish with some little fishing nets, not really expecting to be able to catch anything, but Arthur was hoping to find and Octopus! Bless him!  So armed with our nets and a picnic lunch we head to Cadover bridge on Dartmoor for a bit of fishing.

Once there I realised it was only really a further ten minute drive to Nanna's, so I asked Arthur if he wanted Nanna to join us, then we went to pick her up, before long we were back at the car par and setting up a riverside picnic.  After we had finished eating it was time to get the kiddies into their swimwear and wellies (to protect from stones) for a paddle and a fish.

We didn't manage to catch anything in our nets apart from stones, but suddenly out of nowhere Arthur excitedly cried out "look a worm!" only for me to look down at my naked feet and find out I was very close to a leech!  We watched it curl right up until it looked like nothing more than a shiny black stone on the riverbed, very clever I would never had noticed it.

Then it was time to dry off and relax with an Ice cream, luckily I didn't get one for myself, so I was free to help with all the "Mummy it's melting!" tidy up licking.

Getting straight in!

Casting the net!

Exploring together on the river bank!

Looking for an Octopus!

Amazing views from our picnic

A shiny black stone?!

EEEK!! A leech!

Ice cream!

Getting a bit messy!
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