Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Foam Egg decorating

It has been a very tough week this week in the Aj household, we have all one by one succumbed to a Flu type virus, first daddy, then Arthur, then Alyssa then me!  As I write this I am still dosed up on cold/flu capsules and cough medicine, and to top it all off Alyssa received a new tooth, twelve teeth now in total for the little lady, which is very strange for me as Arthur was 14 months when he finally got his first tooth, which we think is why he is such a fussy eater at times!!

So whilst all of this was going on, the activities unfortunately had to go on hold and good old reading, movies, and playing amongst themselves with their toys were the entertainment, until yesterday!  Yesterday for the briefest of moments I felt well enough to organise an activity for them, which was desperately neeeded as daddy was suffering on the couch again and Arthur was becoming increasingly hyper and bored and thus frustrated and acting out. 

I recently bought some foam eggs from a £1 shop for some Easter craft fun, with the possible idea of creating an Easter tree style decoration with them once finished.  So with some ready cut sweet wrapper, my thrifty fave and excuse to eat lots of chocolates at Christmas, and some paints, and bamboo sticks and a cup to hold them, I let the chaos begin! 

Arthur covered one in glue, then said "Tadah! I finished!" I then had to explain it was glue not paint bless him! He then sped through painting the others so quickly that I was glad I only put out six, saving the rest for another day!  Alyssa ended up with a novel way of painting her eggs in the end, she cleverly ended up rolling the egg in her paint!!

They both seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to get creative and messy again after a big break, and so I left them to do some painting after, it soon got very messy, and the table soon got covered in paint as well as the usual hand painting.  Soon it was all cleaned up and tidied away, and mummy needed a nap to recover!!

Starting nice and clean!

Getting a bit over 'eggcited' (sorry!!)

Tongues out, must be concentrating!!

Doing a bit of sticking

"Egg cup!" (Sorry again!!)

Loving the marbling as it drips everywhere!

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