Wednesday, 23 April 2014

St George's Day 2014

Today is St George's Day in England, legend has it that he was a Knight who bravely killed a dragon to save a princess.  In order to celebrate this, after showing the Aj's various you tube videos portraying the story, we rein-acted the story with their toys.  We also played in the cardboard castle from my previous post Knights and Castles, for a bit of dress up fun. 

We also had visitors coming in the afternoon, so I thought it would be nice if we baked some cakes to offer them, and keeping with the knightly theme I decided to use Arthur's castle baking mould that he has had for a long time, but we haven't used yet. 

Arthur helped me weigh out all the ingredients, he's become very familiar with what is needed to bake cakes, and was counting the eggs and telling me we needed flour and sugar!  I then let Arthur and Alyssa have a go at bashing some chocolate buttons (liberated from an Easter egg!) in order to make chocolate chip buns.  I then made the very silly mistake of letting the two of them loose with the hand mixer! They were being well behaved and Arthur let Alyssa hold it as well, however the angle they held it meant that cake mixture sprayed all over the counter, up the wall, over the cookbook, the kettle... everything!

They then took it in turns to spoon the mixture into the mould, and enjoyed the best part f the baking process, licking the spoon and bowl, it was really hard to tear it away from them they we enjoying it so much.  Unfortunately the cakes didn't come out like they should have, I think I may have tried removing them too early, but they tasted lovely all the same.

Breaking the chocolate

Spraying, I mean mixing!!


More dolloping!


TaDah! Oh!! Not quite right!

How they were meant to look!

St George saving the Princess!

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