Friday, 28 March 2014

Homemade Hobnobs

Today the Aj's and I were invited to a friends house to play and have lunch, I felt it would be rude to turn up empty handed, so decided to make some homemade Hobnobs to take with us.

Arthur first of all helped me to weight out all the dry ingredients, then took in turns with Alyssa to mix them all up.  I then took on the task of mixing all the wet ingredients as they needed to be done on the hob.  Then Arthur had the important job of mixing it all together and dolloping the mixture onto a baking tray, we ended up with relatively big biscuits, but still had roughly half the mixture left to make fresh biscuits another day, Arthur enjoyed controlling the making of the biscuits and gently patting each blob down into a biscuit type shape. 

Then it was  time to put them in the oven and try our hardest not to eat all the leftover mixture, which tastes just as good uncooked, as well as try and not eat all the biscuits before we arrived at our friends as they are scrummy!!  The rest of the day was spent running in and out of the garden between rain showers and enjoying plenty of warming hot chocolate with our biscuits.

Mix one

Mix two

"If I distract everyone I may just get a sneaky taste!



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