Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Ball drop game

After looking at my collection of saved ideas on Pinterest I found inspiration for Monday morning's fun from Child Central Station to make a ball drop game! I simply took our washing basket to catch the balls from our ball pool, and some card, and having cut holes in the card laid it over the basket for the Aj's to post the balls through.  Alyssa found this a lot more fun and interesting than Arthur, but he was in a very hyper mood and just wanted to run around and throw the balls everywhere!

Alyssa seemed delighted in the idea of the balls appearing in the basket after having dropped them in the holes, we also started introducing colours, naming each ball as she picked it up so she can start getting use to the idea of colours.  Another way to make this game a bit more interesting for older children might be to put colours around the holes so that you can match the ball to the hole, but I didn't really have time for that.

We then popped out to the garden to fill the bird feeders up, before heading to preschool, which having been away with a poorly Alyssa the other week, I didn't realise it was closed for training, so we had an unexpected trip around the village, spotting horses, chickens and sheep (the joys of country living!) Before stopping off at the park, where I suddenly became a dragon chasing after Arthur the Knight on his horse Galahad, whilst Alyssa had a nap in the buggy before having a go on the swings!

Sometimes the most unexpected events can be the most fun!!

Playing nicely together!

Taking turns!

Arthur got bored!!
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