Sunday, 9 February 2014

Indoor snowy mountian range

Still inspired by the Olympics in Sochi, I decided to do a bit of an mountain landscape with shaving foam and some cornflour for some sensory fun for Alyssa and a new way to play with toys for Arthur!

I created the mountain scene using some stacking cup covered in tin foil to keep them clean, then sprayed liberally all over with shaving foam, before adding a mixture of shaving foam and corn flour for a more powdery snow.  I then took two of Arthur's action figures and attatched foam lollipop shapes to their feet to create both skii's and a snowboard, I was intending to use actual lollipop sticks, but I didn't have any so this is the best I could do!

Alyssa had great fun squishing the foam, and tasting it!! (Yuck!!!) and Arthur managed to get a figure down the slopes once before generally just covering him in the snow! He also enjoyed pretending to was his hands in the snow!  It was all very messy fun, and Alyssa managed to flick the foam about a bit as she waved her hands around excitedly, but I luckily had covered the area with an old curtain that I could just throw in the wash! It is definitely amazing how much fun children can have with just shaving foam though! I'm quite glad it just costs 23p for and own brand range at my local supermarket, I may have to invest in more!

Star wars and snow!!

Whizzing down the slopes

Getting stuck in!

Getting messy!!

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