Sunday, 16 February 2014

Indoor Camping

During a break from the storms, we experienced a day of sun!!
So we headed out for a lovely family walk along the river, we were aiming to got to a new part that we had never been to before, but unfortunately the storms had blown down a very large tree right at the point that we had previously walked to. 

Once home we filled our tummies, then as I was expecting a bit more rain in the afternoon, so inspired by a thought I had during the power cut we experienced the night before,  I decided to put a tent up in the front room so we could go 'camping!'

I have to say putting a tent up with a toddler was a little frustrating, pulling bits out that you just put in etc, but we soon got it up and it was like it was the best thing in the world!  Arthur enjoyed zipping it up and down again and climbing in and out over and over.  I also brought down a couple of toy plates and kettle and things, and made a 'fire' out of toilet rolls.  And using a lovely wooden fishing game we have, I created a pond to fish for tea.

Alyssa set straight to making and drinking multiple cups of tea, her favorite thing to do at the moment, and Arthur went fishing.  We then talked about staring up at the stars, and pretended to sleep under them, and sleep in the tent.  It was such a fun afternoon, and Arthur enjoyed really getting into the imaginative play side of things, telling me the tent was filled with bugs,  and other funny little ideas he came up with.  I am looking forward to actually taking the Aj's camping when it gets warmer, even if it ends up just being in the back garden!

Road Block

The river from the bridge

Cleaning the puddle! Bless!
Cooking by the camp fire!


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