Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A lesson in car maintenance!

Everyday things can be amazingly fun and interesting to children, as everything is so new to them!  I had to wash the car and check the oil, tires etc, so I thought I would make this monotonous task a little bit more interesting, by adding kids!

As soon as I put the bucket down, Arthur reached in to grab a cloth and start cleaning, having done it before, and Alyssa instantly copied, they had great fun cleaning the hub caps and lower part of the car for me, whilst I cleaned all the higher bits.

Once we had scrubbed and rinsed the car it was time to look under the bonnet, Grandad showed how to check the oil, and where the water was stored, Arthur thought the engine was amazing.  So many new words to learn as well.  Then Grandad checked the tyre pressures and used a little machine to pump them up a bit, Alyssa found this intriguing and 'helped' him press the button to make the machine work.  The button she was pressing didn't do anything, but it was very sweet watching her imitate grandad and try and help!

Scrubbing hard!

Who knew pumping tires was so interesting!!

"I'll help you Grandad!!"

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