Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Exploring shadows for Ground hog day

In honour off Ground hog day, I decided to play with shadows with the Aj's.  So I brought out the torch and a couple of small toys, and we had fun making the toys shadows as big as Arthur almost then shrinking them down again, as well as doing the same with Arthur.  We also stood by the window and looked at our shadows appearing on the front room floor, however with the terrible weather they weren't very bright.  We were going to draw around the shadows, but as they were so faint, I decided to lay the Aj's down and draw around them, I drew some very basic facial features and clothes on the outlines, then let them get to work colouring them in.  Soon Arthur wanted to colour me in, it is not easy or recommended to draw around yourself! Not only do you almost do yourself an injury, but you also end up resembling Mr Blobby, unless that's just me??

Life sized Arthur Colouring picture

Alyssa's Outline

Getting to it!

Working on the face

Helping Alyssa with hers

Choosing crayons

Funny looking Alyssa (so hard to draw around a baby!!)

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