Thursday, 13 February 2014

Threading and 'sewing'

I've started taking the children to a craft cafe on a Thursday morning, a little adult time for me mainly and a chance for me to get a bit creative and try new crafts.  But at the same time it allows the children to experience a different setting and be surrounded by different types of people than they normally would, there are some other mums there with their children, but also older people.  I hope that the experiences with expose them to lots of different crafts ideas and inspiration as they grow up, and give them great social skills.

Arthur has shown an interest in seeing me sewing, and watching the other ladies crochet, it has been great fun watching him wrap wool around a crochet hook in his attempt to have a go.  So when I took him today I decided to try and let him feel more involved and made some simple 'sewing' cards from an old cereal box, a hole punch, wool and a pipe cleaner.  I made a 'needle' using a pipe cleaner folded in half with a small loop at the bottom, which I tied the wool to, Arthur enjoyed attempting to sew, but could quite grasp the idea of going in and out the holes like sewing.  I will definitely get these out again and sit down with him, and see if I can get him to bit by bit concentrate for longer as i think it would be a great quiet activity as he gets older.

I also packed so uncooked pasta for him to thread onto the wool to make a necklace,  which he also only did a couple of times before running around showing everyone.  But it's great practice for all those lovely necklaces he will make for me in the future!


Concentrating hard!

Almost got the 'needle' in!

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