Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Preparing for the Winter Olympics

The Olympics start on Friday in Russia, and seeing as I like trying to keep my two fit and active, it's a great opportunity to show them different sports and get them interested in exercise.  So I used the wonder of Youtube to show them various winter based sports, such as Bobsledding and Skiing.  Then using some ribbon and glittery gold card, I made two gold medals for the Aj's then we had some races up and down the front room, we would of gone outside, but are in the middle of a terrible storm! Alyssa isn't really able to run yet as she is only just walking, so I lifted her off the ground slightly and ran with her whilst we raced Arthur.  It was wonderful hearing her giggle, and Arthur shouting "Ready, Go!"  We also used the washing basket as a pretend bobsled and slid around the front room and practised learning into the curves like a proper bobsledder, which they both seemed to enjoy! My poor back didn't though, I think I may need to hide the washing basket from now on!

The Gold medals

"We are the Bailey Bobsled team!"

Testing if it's real!

Action running shot!

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