Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Lemon Drizzle cake!

I wanted to try and make something food related for the Sochi Olympic theme we are currently doing, after much research, I found a traditional Russian pastry dish called Lymmonyk.  But I couldn't find a recipe for it, so in the end, seeing as we had some lemons that needed to be used up anyway, I decided to make Lemon drizzle cake with Arthur, Alyssa is poorly with conjunctivitis and a bad cold, so I decided it would be best to keep her away, so she shat happily playing with pots and pans in the playpen.

I did include her though as I let her feel the lemon when Arthur did, and told her what we were doing, i've heard just talking to babies and toddlers whilst doing general mundane tasks really helps their language development.   Arthur enjoyed smelling the lemon, and pulled a funny face when he tasted the juice, which was very funny!  After mixing together the butter and sugar, he had a go at zesting a lemon, but it was quite hard so I had to take over.  Whilst it was in the oven, I juiced the lemon as we don't have a juicer that would be easy for him to use, and he tasted the drizzle mix, but still thought it tasted funny.  I also decided to try and keep the lemon seeds to see if we could make them germinate and try and grow some lemon trees, so they are nicely tucked up in some wet kitchen towel in a tub.  Once the cake was out of the oven I helped him pour the drizzle over the top and then we left it to set whilst we ate our tea, and everyone enjoyed it very much for their dessert.







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