Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bubbleprint Valentine's day card!

With Valentine's day fast approaching, I thought it would be nice to get a bit artistic and make daddy a valentine's card.  I had a brainwave and thought it would be fun to bubble paint on some paper.  So I mixed together some paint, water and washing up liquid in a bowl and gave Arthur some straws, I also put a straw and a little bowl of just water in front of Alyssa so she could copy Arthur without risking sucking up paint! She just tipped the bowl straight over so I got out some stamps for her to play with. 

Once we had printed the bubbles of various pieces of paper and left them to dry, whilst Arthur continued to just blow bubbles in the mix for fun.  Once dry I cut out a heart shape from the best one and stuck it to some card for Arthur, then drew a couple of smaller hearts, then let him colour and decorate a bit more for a more personal touch, I then made another card for daddy from just me!  The final results were not as bright as I had imagined they would be, I may have got the quantities a bit wrong, but fun was had all round and that's all that matters.

Alyssa playing




Daddy's card!

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