Wednesday, 19 February 2014

'Gruffalo crumble'

It has been a very busy day for the Aj's today, Alyssa had a little play date in the morning, and Arthur had a bit of a damp run around in the park in the rain with some friends after.  Once finished there we popped to the Library to pick up some new books.  They were both so tired that they fell asleep in the car on the way home, so it was time for a little rest with a hot choc.  After that we started reading some of the new books, and Arthur also requested to read our copy of  'The Gruffalo' again.  Whilst reading it I thought about our tea of Macaroni cheese, and how it's real comfort food on a wet and dreary day like today, and the thought of 'Gruffalo crumble' reminded me of apple crumble, so I told Arthur we could make 'Gruffalo crumble.' to find there is an actual

I did have a little look on the internet for a recipe just in case there was one, as was surprised to find there is actually one.  However the recipe was for a savoury dish, and I was looking for a sweet one, so I decided on a normal apple crumble, I told Arthur the apple chunks we had prepped in the freezer were the Gruffalo's turned out toes, and the sultana's were the poisonous warts on the end of his nose.  I also told him that the ground Cinnamon that was put in the crumble topping was ground up Gruffalo, and let him smell and taste it, which he did.

After it was all made and ready for the oven we settled down to watch the Gruffalo (repeatedly!!!) before dinner, and then during dinner Arthur recited odd parts of the the book over and over, saying I was the roasted fox.  So our dinner conversation revolved around the likes of "where are you going to little brown mouse?" to him saying the mouse parts! and repeatedly saying "I'm off!" as well!

Mix mix mix!

Tasting ground Gruffalo

Spreading out the mixture

"Reading" 'The Gruffalo' to his little sister!

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