Monday, 17 February 2014

Volcanoes and dinosaurs

This morning I thought it would be fun for us all to experience a homemade volcano!  I first off showed Arthur some video clips of erupting volcanoes, and talked about how they were exploding out hot lava.  Then using a volcano 'recipe' I mixed together the the 'dry' ingredients in a cup and covered in some tin foilto create a volcano like shape, and then I showed the Aj's, I then let Arthur help me pour the vinegar in, but it didn't do very much, so I added more soda.  Eventually the volcano, very slowly, erupted, but not really looking very lava like! I think next time I will make sure the components are all mixed for a hopefully better effect.

I then gave the Aj's the play dough and some toy dinosaurs, we made more volcano eruptions with a little play dough volcano we have.  Arthur had fun saying the dinosaurs were eating the lava, Alyssa started to learn not to eat the dough, and started to roll it on the table saying 'ro' 'ro' 'ro' with me.  We also made dinosaur eggs for them to protect from other dinosaurs, and fossils, by printing the side of a dinosaurs, as well as printing foot prints.

I think they both really enjoyed the different experiences and texture today, it's just a shame I didn't get the volcano right!

Volcano eruption!

Not quite Lava coloured

Play dough volcano


Dinosaur eggs

'Ro' 'Ro' 'Ro'

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