Friday, 26 September 2014

Jewish New Year!

Yesterday was Jewish New year, well part of it, apparently the festival continues for three days. We are not Jewish, but I like to try and show the AJ's as many different things from different cultures as I can, as well as giving me a chance to learn something new still in my old age. I also find special occasions/ religious festivals help give me idea for an activity based on the day itself as well.  So today was the New year, when it is traditional to eat apples dipped in honey, not a favourite of mine honey, but I thought it would make an interesting snack time idea for Alyssa whilst Arthur was at nursery. and keeping with apple theme I decided on some easy stick apple craft.  Then whilst looking up traditions for the festival, I came upon a recipe for Challah,  and thought we could have a go at making some bread for our lunch.

We started off making the Challah dough, Alyssa was ever so delighted with the idea of mixing, and I even bravely managed to let her help me crack the eggs, she promptly tried to eat the mixture, as they both do every time I attempt to cook things with them, and feasted the honey covered spoon ( I sometimes wonder if i feed them enough?!?) Then we had to knead the dough which resulted in a lot of dough squelching and flinging about, I think she actually redecorated my kitchen with some of it actually.

Whilst that was rising in the sun of the bedroom window (our kitchen is practically a cool box as it is below street level so virtually no sunlight!) I am guilty of plonking her in front of the telly for a bit whilst I did some damage limitation for a little bit, its not easy cleaning a kitchen with the little darlings opening drawers emptying things left, right and center!  I made up for it with the honey and apple snack time though, which upon reflection should have been eaten at the dinner table, honey can drip quite a lot, especially when a 20 month old is involved.

Whilst she was eating that, I quickly cut out some apple shaped with glittery card and sticky back plastic, my intention being to just create a little sun catcher with a sparkly surround, then I had a brainwave and thought I would take it up a level and create a sun catcher mobile.  Alyssa really enjoyed sticking the old sweet wrappers to the sticky surface, saying things like "Dat dere!" and showing me the pieces and repeating the colours back to me.  She soon got upset when pieces started not to stick, and even more upset when I told her she had finished it and moved it away from her to create the mobile. I may have to do some more of these types of activities as she likes them so much.  I am very impressed with the final outcome,  but I should have double sided the glitter apples (and maybe drawn better apples!)

Soon it was time for the dough to turn magically into yummy bread, Alyssa really enjoyed prodding it and pulling and stretching it for a little bit, before I helped her plait the pieces together, I did this about three times with here getting over excited and just grabbing and squidging!!! Then I gave up and plaited it quickly out of her reach, but she was very good at the egg wash finger painting! We then snuggled down for a bit of girly cuddle time whilst we waited for it to cook, I was very suprised how big it grew in the oven actually, and it tasted scrummy fresh from the oven with a little butter.


Painting with flour




Such mess!! EEEEKKK!!

Contently sticking

Apple sun catcher mobile

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