Friday, 3 October 2014

Messy Monday Madness!

Today whilst Arthur was at pre-school I decided to let Alyssa get super messy and have some fun with gloop, a unique combination of water and corn flour, very unique indeed!  you can pick the substance up and almost mould it, the suddenly the substance looses its solidity and runs through your fingers.  I gave Alyssa a couple of small cup type things, a spoon, and a fork and just let her go.  She loved flicking it as it suddenly became liquid again, and soon covered herself and the kitchen floor, I have never been gladder to play in the kitchen.  It was lovely hearing her squeal with delight and say things like 'can't pick up!' Great for teaching her lots of different words also like 'drip' 'squidge' and 'scoop', as well getting her to work her hand muscles as it was more difficult for her little fingers to push through the gloop than mine.

She had great fun trying to mix and stir it and pretending to cook with it, so I decided to take it up a level and add some drops of food colouring.  Even I was surprised by the out come of this, as I was expecting, as with water, that the second I added the food dye, she would play and it would turn to a big brown mass of goo.  Instead the food colouring just sat there pretty much, until Alyssa started moving it.  She then started using on of the cup to pour the gloop in to and made "ho' tea" (hot tea!) for me to drink!

I am impressed by the amount of time she is starting to give to our little activities, her concentration level are really improving.  I'm a little bit put out that I didn't at the time try and print some of the patterns that emerged onto paper some how, but that just means I'll have to do it again, and make sure I have a bath ready!!


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