Friday, 3 October 2014

Leaf people!

With Autumnal breezes in the air, and fallen leaves all around, I was inspired by a picture I had seen somewhere (I'm sorry but I can't remember where!!) Of leaf people.  So on the way back from nursery from dropping of Arthur, I picked up various leaves.  Once home I gave Alyssa some glue, a few sequins and a few googly eyes and let her play.

To begin with she was quite happy painting the glue on one leaf lots and lots, then I showed her how to stick the eyes on and a sequin for a mouth, then she got stuck in (excuse the pun!) And started creating faces.  She occasionally needed a bit of help when the eyes would get stuck to her fingers, and put on far to much glue then was needed, but she seemed to really enjoy herself getting creative. Soon it was time to pack up for lunch, and she was not a happy bunny, the poor little lady started to scream as I tried to tidy up, so we had to delay lunch a little bit and make a couple more till we had a whole little family for her, she even started to get done from the table and walk over to the window to put finished ones out to dry in the sun where I had put other ones.

Such a simple and effective idea that really works on pincer grip, dexterity and creativity, something I will definitely be doing it again!

Playing with the spreader

Almost face like!

Loving the glue a bit too much!

Kiss me quick!

The little lady in action!

This one makes me laugh!

Alyssa's little leaf family!

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