Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mummy madness!!

I thought given Halloween is around the corner, that some spooky themed activities seemed appropriate, so we had some Mummy madness.

Alyssa decided after lunch to have a little nap, which was a big shock seeing as she NEVER naps! Falls asleep in the most inappropriate and seemingly uncomfortable places occasionally, but never agrees to go to actual bed!!  So Arthur and I had some rare one and one time, and I decided to make the most of it and makes some cookies.  Using the gingerbread man cookie cutter, a tube of white icing, and some raisins, we ended up with Mummy biscuits.  It was so lovely having one on one time, much calmer than the normal trying to stop two of them hitting/arguing/fighting/eating the mix. (delete as appropriate)  In the end I was a bit disappointed with the white icing as it barely showed up, but they both enjoyed eating the biscuits after their tea. 

Once Alyssa was awake I cut out some black paper into man shapes and tore some toilet tissue to glue on for bandages.  It was great fun leaving them too it to see what they created, and Alyssa did attempt to do both sides, I think in future though I will give the tissue to them to rip up for added fun and a chance to work on their dexterity.  Arthur was so proud of himself bless that he insisted on taking his Mummy into nursery to show everyone.

Whilst they were all prepared to get messy I grabbed the paints and let them go creating a spooky picture, in hindsight maybe black wasn't the best option of paints to be available.  Baths were very much in need by the time they painted themselves and all the paper!

Concentrating hard with the glue

Dab dab dab

I think we need to buy more black paint!!

Spooky Mummies!! Although Alyssa's looks Ninja like!

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