Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Bird food fun!

This weekend is the RSPB big garden bird watch so in preparation for this we made sure the birds have plenty of food to eat by making some yummy treats for them. 

First we did the usual 'lard cakes' by getting the AJ's to squidge and smoosh half a packet of lard each into bowls, then we mixed in, with hands and spoons, some bird seed that I managed to get at a pound store, and some chopped up dried apple.  We then shaped them, Arthur made a rectangle shape to go in the feeder, whilst I got Alyssa to create a simple sausage shape, that I then pushed some string through so we had a way of hanging it, then both were popped in the fridge to set.

After that, using some paintbrushes, they painted some pine cones with some warmed up peanut butter, making sure to gt down deep as much as the could.  Then they rolled, shook and sprinkled some more of the seeds all over.

Because they had been at nursery all day, I didn't want them to have an activity that was too complicated or involved as they are usually a bit tired, so this one seemed perfect.  The only downside was the amount of seeds on the floor and lard smeared in the table, but they had fun.  The textures must have been great fun to experiment with as they both really enjoyed manipulating the lard in their hands, and even more so when mixing the seeds and fruit in.

It was getting quite dark by the time we had finished and the lard ones were not completly set, so this morning I popped outside quickly and hung all the food, and the AJ's excitedly looked out the window waiting for the birds to taste, we have already had a few Robins!!

Mixing away

Squidging and moulding

Painting the pine cones

Rolling the cone in the seeds

Looking Yummy! (if your a bird that is!!)

Watching for birds

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