Sunday, 25 January 2015

A change of scenery, a change of mood!

A busy morning of food shopping, hyper children who had already eating the toast for breakfast that was meant to distract them and occupy them, and wanted to pick up EVERYTHING on the shelves!! Followed by the dreaded unpacking once home, two loads of washing that needed to be caught up on as we had run out of washing liquid during the week, and the previous days dishes still sitting by the sink, I was not in the best of moods for small children that were not listening and constantly squabbling. 

 So in an attempt to change the mood a bit, I used the power of Youtube to show the children some bagpipes and Scottish music, as in Scotland this weekend celebrations for Burn's night were occuring, so I thought it would be a fun topic.  Whilst they watched this I found a way to make a Bagpipe using a rubber glove, then we attempted to have a go, but I only had a toilet roll tube, so it didn't actually work very well, so then I used balloons and let the air out very slowly so they squeeked to show the basic idea of how bagpipes work.

they were fairly amused by this for all of five minutes, so it was time for lunch, (and squabbles, and stress) "mummy Alyssa is touching me!!" from Arthur and constant pleas from me to just sit down and eat, meant yet again my bad mood was elevating, add to this a husband desperately trying to get some work done, whilst constantly being interupted, who was also getting annoyed!


I decided that was it, time to get out and give daddy some peace, and time to let the two of them run free and wild and burn off some energy!  One I had fought with them to actually get wellies and coats on that is!!

When we arrived on the hill I took a football into the large flat grassy area at the summit, and we chased around a football and kicked it to each other, and immediately my mood lifted.  The children started to listen again and we were all smiling and laughing, and then Arthur decided it was time to explore.  It was a great chance to try and get Arthur to listen and stay close in order to stay safe, as there were huge dips and drops here and there all over so I explained this to him, and once or twice when he did run a bit to far ahead, I explained that we needed to be together as a group and look after each other, and wait for Alyssa who was smaller and slower.  It worked well giving him that bit of responsibility and he enjoyed going back and helping Alyssa up tricky parts of the trail. 

When we reached the mine part of the trail, there was a small dip, which they both enjoyed climbing up and sliding down, and we were care free and stayed there for a good ten minutes whilst they did this.  That and their style climbing fun, just goes to show that you don't need a soft play area for kids to use different muscles and climb.  We finally made our way back to the top and played with the ball a bit more, feeling like the wide open space made the stresses and strains of the day seem insignificant, the view reaches far from where we were so it made everything seem so small! We waved to Nanna in one direction, and to other landmark ares shown on the stones at the top, then after our two hour adventure headed back for hot chocolate and snuggles during our weekly saturday night movie night!

It just goes to show a change of scenery really does mean a change of mood!! :D

Our failed bagpies

Admiring the view

Cheeky monkeys!!

Off on an adventure


Trusting Arthur to climb unaided!!

Then Alyssa!! EEEK!!

Hill sliding

Helping his little sister! 

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