Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentine's sensory play

So to start off my week of Valentine's, seeing as I woke up suffering from a migraine type headache bug thing (hubby had the same thing the previous week!!) I was not really able to partake in anything involving too much noise, movement, energy at all really.  So I decided some sensory play was just the thing, I bought some scented petals and heart confetti last year at a reduced price, so mixed them together and added some other red things, ribbons and scarves etc then put them on the floor next to the sofa for Alyssa to look at.  She loved the little hearts and held them up to her chest saying 'heart', which impressed me as I didn't realise she knew where the heart was!  I then told her to smell the petals, and then we made some patterns with the petals. 

I then ended up having to pick Arthur up from Pre-school early and take him to the doctor's as he had conjunctivitis, so when he got back he joined in as well.  He decided he was an evil witch making a potion, and by this time I was starting to feel a bit better too, so I was pretending that he had mixed the potion wrong and added to many hearts, making it a love potion, then I covered them in kisses whilst they giggled, we also did some counting with the pieces, laying then out in rows and counting how many we had. 

It's great how they themselves can change something so simple into a grand game, I love seeing them do things like this, their imagination is endless!!

"OOOH What's this?"

These tiny hearts are fiddly to pick up and hold!

Rows and counting

I'm sure I dropped a petal here! (hiding behind his foot hehe!)

Mummy making flowers!

Preparing the potion ingredients

Adding flare by sprinkling from a height!

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