Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Quick dry salt dough hearts!!

For day two of our week of Valentines activities I decided some heart shaped ornament gifts were on the cards, plus I had recently seen an amazing recipe for The quickest ever salt dough from Rainy Day Mum.  The recipe allows you to cook the dough in the microwave rather than the usual three hours in the oven, so you are able to make the ornaments and paint them in the same sitting!!

So on the way home from nursery, I asked Arthur who he would like to make these special hearts for, and he listed the mum's of all his friends, and some relatives.....but not his mummy (sniff!!) I was actually suprised he chose the mummies of his friends rather than his actual friends!

Once home I made the dough up as instructed, then let then cut out the hearts, I introduced numbers into the fun, by writing a list of the people he wanted to make them for then counting the names to know how many we needed, I also did the same for Alyssa.  Then once they had cut the hearts out, I microwaved them in 10 second sets, I think I over cooked one or two as they bubbled a bit, but still looked ok, whilst I did this I let them play with the left overs making whatever they felt like. 

Once cooked we started painting, Arthur insisted on blue as that is his favourite colour, whilst Alyssa was more than with red,  it was lovely to see them painting what they had made so quickly, but next time I need to put them on a drying rack rather than kitchen paper as they got a bit stuck, but other than that definitely something I will try again, salt dough jewelery next maybe!

Dough all ready to go

squidging and stretching

Cutting out shapes
baked and ready to paint
Painting the heart, not his hand....honest lol

There is a heart in there somewhere...
Drying nicely!!

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