Saturday, 28 February 2015

Farm sensory small world!

At the children's nursery they are looking at the subject of Farms, so I decided to support this at home by creating a little small world Farm using some toys we had already, along with some lentils, popcorn kernels and some clean wood shavings borrowed from hamster.

Alyssa was very excited and soon set about playing with all the toys, and making up little voices for them.  She must have picked up a few things from Arthur, as her play mainly revolved around 'Poo!'  For some reason a favourite subject of many a young boy, "Poopy pants! Poopy bum! Poopy head!"  Alyssa decided that the horses were the main characters in her play, and that they were pooping lots, saying things like, "Pooey smelly!!" "Look at this mess! Poop on the floor!"  I also found it very impressive that she practiced job sharing and delegation in her play, pretending to be the voice of one of the farmers I heard her say "You sweep up this poo, and I'll sweep up this poo!" 

It was also an unexpected way of her practicing her counting as she picked up the popcorn kernals one by one, using some great fine motor skills, and placed them into the back of the little quad bike counting all the way to 8!  Then after a bit of chicken feeding, and a nap in the sawdust for the cat, Alyssa soon just enjoyed playing with all the corn etc by tipping it onto the table, then sweeping it all onto the floor.  So I let her play with the broom and try and sweep it all up, which inevitably spread it around the floor even more, but she enjoyed it and we weren't in a rush!

All set up ready for fun!

Picking up 'poo!'

Making sure the farmer is working hard

Delegating jobs!

Having fun making a mess

Cleaning up!

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