Thursday, 26 February 2015

Chocolate Lollipop making

At the weekend we saw some family that we had not seen for a while, as they live so far away, and they gave Alyssa a belated birthday present of chocolate lollipop molds and some chocolate to make them with. 

Once we had taken Arthur to school we set to work, first Alyssa put all the lollipop sticks into the molds, which was some great problem solving skills as they had to go in a certain way, then using a rolling pin, she bashed the chocolate into small pieces,  I think this part was her favourite part as she seemed to enjoy the noise.  Once it was all broken up, she used her fine motor skills picking up the pieces to put it into a jug, so that I could put it in the microwave to melt ( I think I over did the first batch as a burning smell appeared!! EEK!) 

Next with a bit of help from me she poured the chocolate into the molds, I was very impressed actually as she didn't keep trying to eat the chocolate as she was too busy making the lollipops, so of course I rewarded her with the tiresome job of licking the spoon and the jug whilst they set in the fridge!! :D

Bash bash bash!

Filling the jug for mummy!

Adding the sticks

Ready for the fridge...must resist...

Oh well the spoon will have to do!!

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