Saturday, 28 February 2015

Egg box dragons!

We were suppose to do this activity last week for Chinese New Year, but when you children aren't in the mood for painting what can you do!! So this week once they returned from nursery, seeing as they were in their messy clothes anyway, I suggested we make some egg box dragons.

Arthur insisted on making a blue and green dragon as they are his favourite colours, whilst Alyssa chose green and Yellow as those are her, not one to mess with their creative intentions I got their paints ready then set about cutting their flames and eyes.

They thoroughly enjoyed painting the boxes all over, making "roar" noises as they went, then Arthur decided he needed to paint his arm so he too would be a fearsome dragon, which of course Alyssa copied, however on her face!

I then gave them the flames, and was about to give them red and orange paint to use, but before I had a chance, they cleverly used all the paint on their hands and hand print painted them the colours they were using, talk about being resourceful!

In the original dragon picture that I got the idea from, the base of and egg box is cut to make the eyes, and the box is used length ways to create the dragon, but Arthur decided it would be best if the opening of the box was it's mouth, and we didn't have any extra egg boxes, so card was used for the eyes.

Then Alyssa had her favourite part of the day, playing with a bowl of soapy water whilst 'washing herself!' I wasn't allowed to help as she is getting fiercely independent!

Alyssa's yellow dragon coming along nicely!

Arthur and his blue and green 'fearsome dragon!'

Arthur turns himself into a fearsome dragon too..

I don't know why I ever let them near paint lol!!
"I can wash my face myself mummy!"

Fearsome dragons! :D
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