Tuesday, 21 July 2015

fairy house mini garden

We were asked by Alyssa's nursery to create a miniture garden for a local show, so I thought I would work on our previous attempt of using a broken plant pot to create a fairy house garden.  Our last attempt ended in the mud sliding out of the pot and basically collapsing, but it was fun for the afternoon that Alyssa used it.

So my first task was to create some kind of retaining walls, and layer up the pot in three areas, I used some cardboard as I thought it would be flexible enough to create the same curve as the pot.  So as I held each layer in place Alyssa filled the area with the mud.  Then she decorated the middle layer with some glass bead paving stones and a little tree made from a christmas decoration.  I then attatched fabric sunflowers to cocktail sticks for her which she prodded into the first layer.  We then went on a little hunt around the garden for some moss and various sized and coloured ivy leaves. 

Once back inside, I covered a small plant pot in double sided sticky tape and let her loose with small fabric flowers and the ivy, I originally thought we would use the ivy on the sides and the flowers on the top like little tiles, but Alyssa started sticking them all over and it looked great!! All that was left to do then was for me to use super strong glue to attatch the moss to cover the retaining walls, and 'tadah!!' one fairy house miniture garden, job well done!

Hopefully it will survive the trip to the show and back, and possibly win?? (fingers crossed!) then we can pop it in the garden for the fairies to move in! :D

Getting there

Materials for the fairy house

Concentrating hard

Such precision


Tadah!! All finished!

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