Sunday, 9 August 2015

Vehicle fun!

This week we were looking at vehicles and doing a variety of activities on this theme.  At the  beginning of the week we talked about all the different types of vehicles there are, then I made some paper aeroplanes and we had some races. Once we finished I showed them step by step how to make a paper boat (with a bit more hands on help for Alyssa!) and we talked about if it would float or sink before testing it in the sink.  We then embraced Arthur's love of Lego, which he plays with everyday now, and they made boats out of Lego to test in the bath.

Another day, another activity, and this time I thought we could practice our shapes whilst creating an art project, so I cut various shapes out of paper and spread some sticky-back plastic on the floor and after doing a quick example of a boat and a car, let them go and create.  Arthur decided to make a car, boat and a space rocket, whilst Alyssa made "an awesome thing!" (her words not mine!) whilst they were creating their art I pointed to shapes and asked questions as to what shape they were using to make wheels etc.

Any excuse to bake!! I found some transport related cookie cutters in my cupboards to we visited granny and got baking, making and icing some yummy vanilla biscuits....before eating them! Can we pretend shape recognition made this a useful addition to our activities this week? Or just admit that I really fancied some biscuits, especially as they didn't look much like their intended shapes once they came out the oven.

A visit to the mechanics.  Whilst in the garden having a picnic, Arthur decided to use the blanket to pretend to be a mechanic and look under our car, I explained the dangers of this and told him never to do it again without an adult and make sure the car is switched off etc.  We live practically next door to a mechanics garage, so I decided to take them for a little field trip to watch them mechanics from the doorway.  They were very excited to see the car lift, lifting up a car for them to work under, and looked in a bonnet of a car to see an engine being worked on, and learned the names of a couple of tools used.  Then it was time to head home, where a game of mechanics continued, along with Arthur's tool box.  

And to finish off the week we got a bit physical and went to the park to practice riding our bikes, as they are obviously a form of transport, and there should always be an excuse to get outside and get some exercise.  And this excuse was an amazingly proud moment for daddy and I as we watched Arthur use his pedals and cycle for the first time, usually he would shuffle his feet along the floor! After months of trying and showing him what to do, something just clicked and of he went, he normal isn't bothered by his bike and barely wants to be on it, but this time he kept going and going saying "i'm doing it, I'm doing it!"  And he keeps asking to go on his bike again and again now!

Our paper boat!

Testing the Lego boats.

Ahhh! It's sinking...

Sticking shapes fun

Arthur makes a boat

Space rocket

Alyssa's super awesome thing!!


More blobs than vehicles...but just as yummy!

Playing mechanics

Wheels in motion

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