Sunday, 23 November 2014

Balloon Rocket!!

There is a new thing amongst other kids activity bloggers that I keep seeing called S.T.E.M (science, technology, Engineering and Maths) Saturdays, so inspired by this and a space related movie we had watched in the morning (tired mummy needed A LOT of coffee to slowly wake up!) I decided to show them how to make Balloon Rockets.

Whilst I was making the AJ's dinner, I gave them each a rocket shaped piece of paper to decorate, then after we had eaten, I set about attaching the balloon, string, and straw.  We lost Arthur's rocket after he ran off with it in a moment of hyperactive madness, so we just had Alyssa's to work with. Alyssa was very excited to see it fly across the room, and they both wanted it again and again, although the balloon did come unattached a couple of times when deflated it worked really well.  The only problem was that I was unable to blow up the balloon continuously as I am not 100% healthy at the moment, so I let the children try and blow the balloons up and release into the air, then explaining that the air they blow in pushes the balloon forward as it's released, I also for fun told them if they farted a big enough fart the same might happen to them, just like the whizzpopping the BFG does (we are currently reading this book and had just read that part the night before!)

I think some improvements can be made to our design, but they definitely enjoyed watching them fly, but some more S.T.E.M Saturday activities will definitely be occurring in the future!

Attempting to blow balloons

Our Rocket!

Playing with the rocket!

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