Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Hibernating Hedgehogs

At the AJ's nursery this week they are talking about Hibernation and Emigration, so I decided to continue the theme at home with some hedgehog fun!  I wasn't sure how Arthur was going to be today as he was diagnosed with an ear infection yesterday, so we took it really slow in the morning and tried watching a film, but both of them were too interested in running around than watching it.  So after lunch, I decided to be brave and get the paint out for some Hedgehog crafts. 

First off I photocopied a few copies of a basic hedgehog shape, as I knew we would get through them really quickly, then I cut some basic hedgehog shapes out of paper plates.  To begin with Arthur wanted to play with his Lego quietly, then once he saw the fun Alyssa was having he soon changed his mind.  Alyssa got stuck straight in, making good hand prints to create the spikes, but soon she just enjoyed the feel of the paint and smudged it all over the page, Arthur also did the same, so I lost the hedge hog shape on both of them.  Next I got them to experiment creating the spikes with plastic forks, Alyssa got on really well with that and created some lovely spike effects, Arthur soon got bored and went back to using his hands.
After we had cleaned up the paint and washed our hand, it was time for a snack, and what else do you eat on a Hedgehog themed day, than a 70's style cheese and pineapple Hedgehog!! Whilst we ate this we watched a short video clip on Hedgehogs. 

Once upstairs Arthur wanted to use the blanket to pretend they were spikes for his back as he crawled around, I love how imagination means anything they see can be whatever they want, then we made a little den for them to crawl into and pretend to hibernate, soon I had two dens so they could visit each other for cups of tea etc.  It was so lovely watching the two of them play together without any input from me apart from draping blankets for dens, and eventually getting the two pop up tents as they kept knocking the dens over.  They played so nicely for over and hour, I have to admit mummy did a little accidental hibernating herself on the sofa they were so happy! ;D

Handprinting away!

Almost looks like a Hedgehog!!

Arthur having a go!



Trying with a fork!

Cheese and Pineapple Hedgehog! (sort off!!)

Arthur being a Hedgehog

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