Monday, 10 November 2014

Firework Play dough fun!

Keeping in theme with Guy Fawkes and fireworks, I wanted a simple transportable activity for Alyssa whilst I went to a local craft group for some inspiration for my next project.  So armed with a mat for the floor, a pot of black play doh (I was going to make my own but I was worried that the black paint would stain too much!! If you want to know how to make your own, read my Autumn Play dough post Here.) and some plastic stars and beads and gift wrap bows.

Once we arrived I sat her down and immediately she started sticking the bits in saying "making Fireworks!" once she had added all the pieces, I was very mean and told her to take all the pieces out and she could start again, she really enjoyed picking them all out again, which is great for her fine motor skills, then off she went creating again.  I was really amazed at how long she kept picking them out and putting them in again, I wasn't expecting her to concentrate on it as long as she did.  After a while she was no longer making fireworks, but other things like a "doggy!"  It was also lovely seeing her trying to name the colours of the beads as well.  And as a bonus it was quick and easy to clear up when finished, my love for Play dough increases every time we play with it, I really need to print off some play dough activity mats to really make the most of it, as they say the possibilities are endless!!

Picking out stars!

Fireworks in the sky!

Adding more sparkle

Getting stuck in!

Picking them out again!

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