Monday, 27 January 2014

Aboriginal cotton bud painting!

Inspired by yesterday's Australia Day (unfortunately I was at work so couldn't do anything then!) I thought today would be a good day to get the paints out again and get creative! It seems like forever since I let Arthur paint last,  which is a shame as I know it's something he loves.

I searched Google Images for Aboriginal art, and found various pictures to show Arthur and talk about how they are created but lots of dots.  I then got some black paper and some earthy toned paints, and some cotton buds.  I chose one of the more simpler pictures and left it on the screen of my Kindle for inspiration for him, and did a few dots in a 's' shape to show him how to use the buds, then let him go wild. 

To begin with the concentration was immense whilst he carefuly dipped the bud, then dabbed it on the paper, then he just started using it as a normal paintbrush and swirling it around the paper.  It was very interesting watching him look at the screen every now and then, I may start putting more pictures up for him to 'copy' and be inspired by.

Alyssa also joined in, but with chalk and black paper instead of paint, as I didn't want her playing with the cotton buds, she still tried copying Arthur with the dabbing motion though.  She soon got bored however and wanted to get down.

Chalk dabbing

Cotton bud dabbing

Intense concentration!

Less concentration

Arthur's final masterpiece!

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