Wednesday, 8 January 2014

I is for Ice cream!

In Arthur's nursery they have a letter, number and colour of the week, and I have always vaguely tried to know these and mention them at home when I remember.  Well with Alyssa starting there as well now and with the New year, new starts in mind, I decided to try a bit harder at doing this.

This week is the letter 'I' so I drew and ice cream and got Arthur to decorate it using torn tissue paper and glue, as he wanted to do some sticking.  Alyssa enjoyed playing with the tissue paper whilst he did this.

Then I put some small letters into a bowl with some objects beginning with 'I', and we stirred them and fished things out and talked about them, as well as me geting Arthur to look specifically for the letter 'I'.

Then I decided to make the most of the leftover mince pies and clotted cream from Christmas and make some Ice cream!  I used a simple clotted cream ice cream recipe, but just replaced the strawberries with the mince pies crumbled up.  Arthur loved crumbling up the mince pies and squishing the clotted cream to make it easier to mix, such different textures for him to experience and feel, and the almost magical moment of watching all the ingredients combine and change.  And of course, as always, licking the spoon.

Alphabet soup

Mixing and scooping

Adding the cream

Ready for the freezer

Taste test!

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