Thursday, 2 January 2014

Indoor puddle jumping!

I've had a some time off from blogging recently, enjoying some family fun time with daddy on holiday and enjoying watching them exploring all their new toys they have been playing with over the holiday period,  and extended family have also been visiting, so here is my first post of 2014!

This morning before breakfast we went on a family walk, the usual January urge to get fit and healthy has hit mummy and daddy after eating far too much lovely food!  We walked for about an hour around our village, however Arthur did insist on being carried for a bit as he was tired, but loved jumping in lots of puddles caused by the recent rain.

Once home we had a yummy breakfast, and whilst they finished up, inspired by the walk I made some home made 'puddles' for Arthur to jump into and play with.  We made the puddles closer and further apart, made 'splish splash' sounds and hopped from one puddle to the other in a line.  I was a great way of keeping Arthur moving and burning off some off the excitable energy he has accumulated from the past weeks fun.  Also the different textures I used for the puddles, using whatever blue things I had, made a great sensory play activity for Alyssa too, as obviously she can't jump yet, although first unaided steps have been taken, and she is an expert stair climber! 

Hopping in puddles

I can see through this puddle



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