Thursday, 16 January 2014

Cosy den book nook fun!

Today was another wet and windy miserable day, our original plans for the afternoon had been cancelled, and Alyssa had her one year jabs in the morning.  So not wanting to drag her out too far just in case she became grouchy, I decided that today called for a nice cosy den and some book reading, so that if a certain little lady decided to sleep she could do so easily.

Arthur was very excited about the den and wanted to eat in it, so I decided to make a fun party picnic style lunch, including some special crisps bought specifically on the way back from the doctors as a treat.

Once lunch was other Arthur was desperate for me to read, I ended up reading "We're going on a bear hunt" about four times as he really enjoyed it, then he finally let me move on to a few more other books.  Alyssa wasn't really interested in the book nook, she was quite happy to crawl in and out and play with her toys, she did finally have a little nap.

At one point Arthur and I were lying in the den pretending to go to sleep, when he noticed that the blanket looked like it had stars on it where the light from the room came through.  I then tried telling him the name of some stars as we pretended to stargaze! I can't wait to sit out with them in the garden looking at the stars and camping, I really need to learn more about star systems!!

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