Thursday, 9 January 2014

Superhero fun!

Arthur had great fun this morning dressing up as Superman and running around saving Alyssa and I and his toys from various things.  He even wore a pair of underpants on top of his trousers and a cape from his dress up box,  made out of an old t-shirt.  Although actual shop bought outfits are wonderful, today just proves that all they need is some imagination.  He even had a cardigan and a pair of funny glasses and pretended to be Clark before taking them off and transforming into superman.

He had great fun saving the toys from bus crashes, derailed trains, dragons, falls and whatever his imagination and toys would provide for him.  He also saved Alyssa from the evil sock monster, and the evil suck monster (the dustbuster hoover!) although it did put up quite a fight!

Poor granny and grandad had to put up with the superhero fun all afternoon as he refused to take the pants off for the rest of the day!

Superman cape!

Flying around saving the day!

"Help us Superman!! Save us from the sock monster!"


Who needs Superman!

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