Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Play dough

Today I decided, was the ideal day to try and get festive with play dough, our stocks of dough are currently a giant multicoloured mess thanks to our Halloween party, and we are waiting to see what Santa brings.  So I quickly rustled up some microwavable play dough and dyed it red, green, yellow and glittery gold,  however the gold didn't show up well.  I then let Arthur loose with some Christmas cookie cutters, ribbons, mini baubles, sparkly pipe cleaners and confetti stars.

He had great fun, and admittedly so did I!! Alyssa explored the dough and the cutters and started attempting to use some of the tools available, and also attempted to eat the dough too so a close eye was needed.  We made Christmas trees and mini presents, and Arthur also made Santa's sleigh amongst other things, he was having so much fun he didn't even want to stop for lunch!  It was great fun listening to Christmas music whilst we played and talking about different Christmas related things baubles, tinsels etc it really broadened Arthur's vocabulary, and in some ways Alyssa's too she seems to love 'deck the halls' and goes 'La la la'.  I just have to try and get Arthur to stop singing 'Jingle bells, batman smells!!' thanks to daddy!

Mummy's tree attempt 1!

Arthur making a tree

Using the cutters

Making a sleigh!

Oooh Squishy stuff!


Just stick that in there and tada!

What does this do??

Mummys' tree number 2!

Being creative from a height!

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