Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas dress up fun!

The idea for today's activity came to me suddenly whilst arranging a totally different one, originally I was going to get Arthur to practice glueing and make a Father Christmas beard with cotton wool.  next thing I know i'm drawing buttons on an old white t-shirt to make a snow man outfit and raiding my wardrobe and the fancy dress box for other items.  Once we had been for our usual after nursery walk, which no longer includes any work in the tunnel house due to the early dark evenings, we arrived home to find the outfits laid down in  the front room.  Arthur got very excited about dressing up as a snowman and Father Christmas, but had no interest in being a shepard or elf.  Alyssa however was drawn to the jingling bells on the elf hat, but not overly keen on dressing up!  I love dressing up, its great for the imagination, Arthur has had great fun pretending to be Santa, riding in his sleigh and delivering presents and I can see him returning to these outfits over and over during the next couple of weeks.

Ready for playing

The snowman

Ready to delivery presents

My little Elf!

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