Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Chilli the Elf and his advent fun!

Christmas has officially arrived over the weekend in this house!  We visited Father Christmas and his reindeer on Saturday, Arthur's first ever time, he wasn't totally sure what to do!  And on Saturday night the elves arrived to put up the Christmas tree, and Chilli remained behind to visit Arthur and Alyssa until Christmas Eve when Father Christmas returns  to collect him.  Everyday he likes to do a different activity, and hopefully will help remind the Aj's that they need to behave.  The idea is very popular thanks to The elf on the shelf, and I thought it would be a lovely way of getting Arthur excited about Christmas and be a great way of introducing different activities by having Chilli make the suggestion.  I also think it's great for his imagination to find Chilli in a different place/position every morning to help him believe Chilli comes alive every night!

So on the first day of Advent Arthur and Alyssa woke up to find Chilli and the Christmas tree had arrived, and he had brought with him a tree and some decorations for them to do with daddy during the day. Great fun was had apparently, Alyssa enjoyed the tinsel, and the baubles appeared all in a little cluster at the bottom, Arthur luckily hasn't realised some of them are chocolate yet!! A very creative effort though and such a simple idea for festive fun!

Yesterday Chilli was found building houses with the building blocks, and he wanted to create some snowy Christmas pictures, Arthur was unwell, so very quickly lost all enthusiasm for the activity, but did create some lovely pictures with the glue and the cotton wool whilst Chilli looked on!  Alyssa also enjoyed feeling the cotton wool, and stretching it and tasting it! Yuck!

I can't wait to see what else Chilli and the Aj's gets up to over the next few weeks!

Chilli Arrives!!

My little tinsel princess

Arthur's tree

Chilli the builder!

Snowy pictures!

Looking good!

Oooh!what's this soft squishy stuff??

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