Thursday, 5 December 2013

Ice mobiles and baubles

This morning Chili was found sliding down the bannister, this again raised a laugh with Arthur and a cry of "What's Chilli doing there!?"

This morning we were making Ice baubles and mobiles, Chilli was kept a safe distant away as he doesn't really like getting wet.  Which was lucky as at one point Arthur didn't wait for me and poured a load of water into a tub and it overflowed everywhere!!

 Using our items we scavenged yesterday we place them in tubs, and little round ramekins (thank you GU puddings for your free glassware with every purchase!!) and laid string in each one so we have something to hang them with.  Then came the fun part, the glitter and confetti, warning do not let children loose with an entire pot of glitter as the whole lot will definitely go in!!  The confetti was funny though as Arthur has wet hands and it all stuck to him, but worked his motor skills getting it off!

Once done they were popped in the freezer to finish off, as although it is cold outside, it's not that cold!


Yesterday's bounty

Adding the leaves

An entire pot of glitter!!

Twinkly stars

Ready to freeze

This confetti is tricky!!!

Baubles ready to freeze!
Unfortunately the ice molds were not frozen properly in time, so we will have to hang them tomorrow!

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