Saturday, 14 December 2013

A windy walk and a Christmas log!

After a busy morning of Christmas food shopping and mummy cleaning, it was time for something a bit more fun!  So off to the woods we headed to scavenge for some foliage to decorate our Christmas log!  I love the idea of bringing the outside indoors to decorate, hand picked field fresh flowers, sprigs of holly, and Christmas provides the perfect opportunity.

 It was quite windy on our walk, but the sound of the wind through the trees was very relaxing, and it was great fun trying to get Arthur to sound like the wind as well.  He was soon able to pick out Holly trees all over the wood, and found some little pine cones.  He also found lots of sticks that he wanted to use to build a fire like at home so we could all sit around it and stay warm, which I thought was lovely.  He also saw a Rose hip tree and wanted to make jam with the two berries he had picked after daddy said you couldn't eat them raw, but could make jam with them!

Once home Arthur chose a log from our fire wood and we settled down with our finds and a pot of icing sugar, which proved to be Arthur's favourite part of the day, both the sifting and the eating!

A carpet of leaves

Always the same view of these two!!

Rosehip picking!

Alyssa and the lala la la la

Adding the foliage


Hang on... it's SUGAR!!!

Pride of place in the fire plae!

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