Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Chilli goes to nursery!

Today the Aj's woke up to find Chilli sitting in the armchair reading a Christmas story!
After a bit of debate with Arthur and a mini meltdown, Arthur finally decided yes he did want to go to nursery, so off he went with Chilli in tow.  Chilli had great fun watching out for all the boys and girls and making sure they were good.  He also saw 'Bam Bam' the sheep and some of the other animals, as well as watching them make things for their Christmas boxes to take home with them.

Once home from nursery and a short walk with grandad, Arthur was very tired so we settled down and read some Christmas stories with Chilli for Day two of our advent activities. 

Chilli catching up on his reading!

Nursery 'Elfie'

'Elfie' with horse in neighboring field

'Elfie' with chickens at nursery

Reading with Chilli


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