Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas biscuits

I decided it was about time we got the house smelling cosy and Christmassy, so today's advent activity was baking Christmas biscuits.  Tomorrow is Arthur's last day of nursery  before the New year so I thought it would be a lovely idea if he made the biscuits as a present for the staff and other children.

We used a basic shortbread recipe that I regularly use, and to add a bit of a Christmas touch we added some mixed spice, a lot of the time I add some vanilla extract, but I thought this would be more appropriate.

Arthur loved weighing out the ingredients and trying to taste them as always, but by far the most fun part for him was cutting out the seasonal shapes.   It reminded me a lot of play dough and how I really should make some seasonal scented ones for him to play with!  The next best bit was having the house smell warm and cosy as the smell of the spices slowly spread through the house, well that and the obvious taste test!

Poor Alyssa has been very poorly with an upset tummy so I thought it would be best to keep her away from the baking, so I gave her a little bit of flour and sugar in a saucepan to mix and play with, which she loved stirring around and making a mess with!



Yummy festive biscuits ready for baking!

Fun with flour!

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