Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Guy for Bonfire night!

I thought for bonfire night we would have a go at traditional Guy making.  I was a little unsure as to how Arthur would react, I thought he might be a little scared of it once it was made, but both of them seemed to like it. 

The two of them had great fun scrunching up and playing with the newspaper, waving in around, crawling all over it and squealing with delight.  I used one of Alyssa's sleepsuits as the base of the body and Arthur helped me stuff, whilst Alyssa waved the paper around. We then dressed the Guy in some old clothes and a little hat.  I decided to get some colouring involved in the activity, so I quickly drew a face for the guy on a paper plate and let Arthur colour it in.  He loved playing with the guy almost like another teddy, he kept calling him guide though bless, and he had pride of place in the arm chair watching the rest of the days fun.  Unfortunately we are not having a bonfire, so luckily this guy wont get burnt, we probably won't have fire works either as the rain is so bad, I guess we will just have to make them!





Hello Guy!

My new friend..


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