Thursday, 14 November 2013

Building site fun!

I decided to break out the big bag of bricks today and make a mini building site with the Aj's, we had a crane/wrecking ball, workmen and work vehicles, and Arthur dressed up as a site manager with a hard hat, high visibility jacket, (well a fireman's helmet and a waist coat) and a clipboard with blue prints. 

Arthur had fun with the wrecking ball attempting to knock down towers, and playing with the vehicles.  He then started designing a new house with me, telling where to put the bathroom etc as we discussed what houses need, mainly by me saying things like 'what about if you need a wee wee? where do you wee wee?" to prompt him and working in sizes big or small.  He had great fun then building his 'house' and using a ruler to measure.

We also played a a game of tool match, with me drawing around his tools to make a puzzle for him, which he enjoyed, and Alyssa had a little go too.  We talked about colours and counted the bricks, they are such a great resource for reinforcing the learning of colours and numbers, collecting all the green brick and counting them etc.  They also can be made into anything you want, so definitely worth having, Alyssa has already worked out how the fit together and was also using them to bash together to make a banging noise.

Bricks everywhere!

Wrecking ball fun!

Rebuilding again!

Playing with the vehicles

Ready to take charge

Tool match game

Picking up 'rocks' (baking beads)

Alyssa tool matching

Measuring for his house

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