Thursday, 21 November 2013

Indians and toilet roll turkeys!

It has been a tough few days, with a house full of snot, especially me, I have had no energy in the evenings to update, so have taken a bit of a break.  We have had two hour walks, and fun with indoor football, we have also been preparing for Thanksgiving next week with a few things. 

We actually made the Indian headbands on Monday, getting Alyssa use to using crayons and singing along to 10 Little Indians, whilst Arthur tried to do and Indian cry.  They had great fun and ejoyed wearing them, I just have to keep them out of harms way so they don't get damaged before next week!

Today we made the toilet roll turkeys using a toilet roll and half a paper plate, it's a nice simple and can be adapted with glueing feathers on or using whatever, we again used some crayons so Alyssa could get involved.  Once we made the turkeys we found a variety of Turkey songs on YouTube to sing along too, and did the Turkey trot around the front room. 

I'm looking forward to the fun I have planned for Thanksgiving using these two makes, and many more to come!

Practicing with crayons

Arthur colouring his headband



Two Little Indians!

More crayon fun

Multicoloured feathers

Two little Turkey's

Doing the Turkey trot!

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