Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fireworks painting and edible sparklers!

Whilst Arthur was at nursery this morning, Alyssa and I had some fun with sofa cushions giving her a mini work out.  Her crawling is going really well, and she has almost mastered walking holding on with just one hand, I also caught her climbing the stairs today whilst putting on Arthur's coat to go out.  So as a bit of practice to strengthen her muscles I laid out the sofa cushions in various ways to giver her a work out. 

Once we picked Arthur up we headed to the field to weed the tunnel house and separate some more of the strawberry plants, we have over thirty plants that have self rooted from the original plants. I cant wait till the summer when we get to eat them all.  The cauliflowers are also growing nicely, however we will have to replant the cabbages as snails have eaten them.

Once home Arthur painted some fireworks using pipe cleaners instead of paintbrushes to get in the spirit of the day.  I feel bad that we didn't buy any fireworks for Alyssa's first firework night due to the rain and daddy not being home till after they go to bed tonight.   Previous nights we have had barbeques in the garden whilst daddy and granddad set them off.  But I still tried to make it a little bit more of a day with the painting, and we had 'Bangers and Mash' for tea, followed by edible sparklers, basically bread sticks, melted chocolate spread and sprinkles for a make your own dessert which was great fun for everyone.

After dinner and bath, we were lucky enough to catch some fireworks outside the bedroom window, so after a cuddle on the bed watching them in the warm, they both went to bed with the curtains open to look out for more.  It was such a cute moment watching him waiting for more, he enjoyed making bang noises and telling me all the colours whilst we cuddled, he was so tired in the end he was falling asleep the minute his head hit the pillow, but still wanted the curtains open.

Stair practice

Tunnel fun


and down

rolling off!

pipe cleaner printing

OOOHHHH! More bonfire than fireworks but pretty!



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